Eva Kochenkova - Cellist

"Wonderful playing with great sense of style." - Zubin Mehta

“An accomplished artist"- The Strad


Eva Kochenkova, a Russian cellist, was born in Tchaikovsky, USSR, where she began her musical education at the age of 6. From the age of 9 she was a First Prize winner in several national competitions. At the age of 13, Eva moved from her parents' home to Moscow, where she received solo violoncello lessons at the Gnessing High School of Music. She completed her education at the Gnesing High School of Music with Prof. Galina Zubareva, under the consultation of Prof. Natalia Schakhovskaya, Moscow, Russia. Then she continued her education with Prof. Rocco Filippini at Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Milan, Italy. 2002 she took a master education with professor Wolfgang Böttcher in Baden-Baden, Germany. In 2004 she was post graduated as a soloist by studying with Prof. Johannes Goritzki at the Robert- Schumann- Hochschule in Dusseldorf, Germany, and continued her further education in soloist class at the Danish Royal Academy of Music with prof. Henrik Brandstrup, Aarhus, Denmark. She took a several master classes with the most leading cellists, as a Mstislav Rostropowitch, David Geringas, George Faust, Karine Georgian, and got great reference from maestro Zubin Mehta.


At the age of 18 Eva Kochenkova got the position as Solo Cellist in the Chamber Orchestra "Guido Cantelli" under the artistic director and conductor Alberto Veronesi, Milan, Italy. In 1996 she was employed as a Photo- model by the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Milan, Italy. Eva Kochenkova was then employed as a solo cellist in the "European Music Project" Ensemble, based in Berlin, Germany, United Europe Chamber Orchestra, Milan, Italy, Ensemble Instrumental with George Vassilev guitar and James Crabb accordion in Sion, Switzerland. As a Soloist and chamber musician Eva Kochenkova performed regulary at P&O Music Festival at Sea hosted by BBC presenter Richard Baker and Humfrey Burton under the managing director Stephannie Williams. She was a member of the piano trio with violinist and composer Soren Elbaek and pianist and produsser Morten Mogensen, and pano quartet *Forum Musicum*, as well in a duet with pianist Morten Mogensen, with whom they gave numerous concerts throughout Denmark and Europe. Eva is member of *Duo Forum* with pianist and professor Nino Zhvania. Eva Kochenkova plays on Italian instrument, Stradivari Duport model from Cremona made by Sesto Rocchi in 1968, and use the gut strings.

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    Eva Kochenkova have experience in teaching young and older people on various levels in past 17 years and emphasize that the young artists feel joy by playing - by experiencing their own positive development in playing cello.
    Development should be experienced both through gaining more technical skills and through greater sensitivity and intuitive understanding in own music.
    In Eva's teaching, she emphasize teaching differentiation and take into account the individual student's view.
    Since 2011 Eva Kochenkova is teaching in different musical institutions cello solo instrument.

    Eva speaks different languages, as: Russian, Danish, English and Italian.

    You can get online master class by Eva Kochenkova :

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    Locatelli: Sonata in D major


    Locatelli: Sonata in D major


    Valentini: Sonata in E major


    Donizetti: Largo in g minor

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    Drawings and Paintings

    When time slows down and seems to freeze in the moment, then the daily vanity no longer has its significance, and the colors fascinate with their depth and liveliness, despite the absurdity of the visible form. Forms are created by the idea of thought, which flows from the energy of desire and the state of being.

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Italian Virtuoso Cello Sonatas CD cover


Eva Kochenkova released her debut Solo CD with Italian Virtuoso Cello Sonatas on CDklassisk.dk, which was award nominated. CD got the "Record of the Month"
Italian Virtuoso Cello Sonatas CD cover

More References

"An accomplished artist with excellent vehicle for her sonorous tone and expressivity." - The Strad
"Wonderful playing with great sense of style." - Zubin Mehta
"Danish-Russian cello Star in the world class."- CDKlassisk.dk
"Big talent"- Mstislav Rostropowich
"Emotionally filled cellist with a very beautiful tone and extraordinary confident technique." - David Geringas
"Brilliant performer".- Stephannie Williams- Managing Director of Music BBC
"Eva Kochenkova expresses herself with great energy.
When released, her talent reveals unlimited possibilities and endless potential." - Johannes Gorizki
"Rare artistic talent with great musical sensibility" - Finn Schumacher- principal director of Odense Symfoniorkester, Denmark

Eva Kochenkova



Eva Kochenkova
Veksø Bygade 8
DK-3670 Veksø Sjælland
P: +45 30218231